Neil Peart Commemorative Task Force

Statement of Purpose

The Neil Peart Commemorative Task Force will make recommendations to City Council regarding a memorial for Neil Peart. The task force will be responsible for:

  • Reviewing options for the scope and type of the memorial (Phase 1)
  • Reviewing options for site selection and funding, including consideration of operating / maintenance costs (Phase 2)
  • Securing funding, design and installation (Phase 3)

Prior to installation, the Task Force will be required to report to Council for approval with a recommended project plan and maintenance strategy based on the findings of Phase 2. The Task Force will follow the processes and guidelines set out in the City’s Public Art Policy.


The Task Force shall be comprised of up to 10 members as follows:

  • Up to four citizen members, preference will be given to one relative or representative of the Peart Family (4)
  • One representative from the Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee (1)
  • One representative from the Public Art Advisory Committee (1)
  • One representative from the Heritage Advisory Committee (1)
  • The Mayor (1)
  • Two Members of Council (2)

Reporting Structure

The Task Force reports directly to City Council; required reporting is outlined within the Statement of Purpose. The details of this terms of reference shall be reviewed with each report to Council.

Coordination with other advisory bodies may be required, depending on the type of memorial recommended.

Administrative support to the Task Force shall be provided by Community Recreation and Culture Services which shall assign a Secretary to the Committee. Additional staff resources will be provided, as required from time to time.

Membership Term

The Task Force will operate until the memorial is implemented and a long term strategy is in place for maintenance, or until disbanded by Council.

Membership List

Meeting Schedule and Location

The Task Force will meet monthly, or as required, at the discretion of the Chair until the completion of the project.


The Task Force shall conduct its meetings in accordance with and otherwise comply with the City of St. Catharines Simplified Meeting Procedures for advisory bodies.
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