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Lowell Avenue Reconstruction


The City of St Catharines is studying ways to deal with a deteriorating roadway and drainage issues on Lowell Avenue, from Thomas Street to Lake Street. The purpose of this project is to review, study and recommend improvements to Lowell Avenue and mitigate any negative environment impacts.

The study will evaluate different drainage and transportation improvements along Lowell Avenue. Alternative routes for the new sidewalks, sanitary sewer and watermain locations will be investigated for the future roadway.

Project Number: P15-065

Construction Area: Lowell Avenue from Thomas Street to Lake Street

Estimated start date: Contractor has delayed start to the end of February due to weather.

Construction duration: approximately five months with top layer of asphalt in 2019 

The Process


This study is following the requirements as set out in the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process. As such, the study will:

  • identify and define the problem,
  • consider and evaluate alternatives, and
  • identify ways to reduce any potentially unfavourable outcomes.

This will all be done while providing regulatory agencies, stakeholders and members of the public with the opportunity to provide their input. City Staff will weigh many factors to help identify the best solution. Your input is both important and critical to the project's success. 


Please get involved.

All submissions will be documented, reviewed and included in the public record. Information is collected in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Assessment Act. With the exception of personal information, all comments will be part of the public record.

What are we planning

  • Replacing the existing roadway including curbs
  • Replacing the existing narrow sidewalks with wider sidewalks to meet current legislation.
  • Moving and or adding catchbasins to the existing storm sewer to improve drainage
  • Replacing the existing Cast Iron (CI) watermain
  • Replacing the existing sanitary sewer

City Staff have been studying difference design options for the new road and sidewalks. 

The proposed road design recommends to convert traffic to One Way on Lowell Avenue from Thomas Street to Lake Street. A parking lane on the south side of the road with a 1.5m wide sidewalks on both sides of the street, and parking on the north side.

Study Area

 Lowell Avenue Site Map

Survey Results

Survey Results and Project Update - January 2017

If you have concerns and suggestions, please contact us. 


Past Information Centre

Watch this space for any upcoming Public Information Centre events.

Project Information and Resources


Contact Us


Mr. Scott Kozub, P.Eng.

Project Manager

Kerry T. Howe Engineering Ltd.

98 Church Street, P.O. Box 460

St. Catharines, On L2R 6V9

Tel.: (905) 688-6550 ext. 227

Fax: (905) 687-7207


Ms. Samantha Downing, P. Eng.

Project Manager

City of St. Catharines

50 Church Street P.O. Box 3012

St. Catharines, ON L2R 7C2

Tel.: (905) 688-5601 ext. 1610

Fax: (905) 641-4450



All submissions will be documented, reviewed and included in the public record





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