Lorne Street Project

The City of St. Catharines recently completed road and sewer upgrades on Lorne Street between Eastchester Avenue and Regional Road 81 (Westchester Avenue).

A series of reconstruction initiatives will soon take place on the street in the coming weeks and months to address concerns identified by area residents.

Details on the project are listed below. Additional information on the reconstruction process will be added to this webpage as the information becomes available.

Project Overview


Project Number: P14-067 Lorne Street

Construction Area: Lorne Street between Eastchester Avenue and Regional Road 81 (Westchester Avenue)

Estimated start date (original): Spring 2017

Construction duration (original): up to 20 weeks

Public Information Centre Sept. 12

Please note:

Originally set for Sept. 6, this public information centre has been rescheduled for Sept. 12 due to an unexpected closure for City Hall.

Final restorations for this project has been delayed due to concerns raised by residents related to
roadway design including type of curb and boulevard grading.

The City has been working with its engineering consultant on a re-design of Lorne Street to address the above.  The re-design is now finalized, and a Public Information Centre has been arranged to share the plans and fully explain the proposed scope of work to residents.

The City and its consultant will be available to answer questions and discuss the project. The Public Information Centre is set for:

  • Thursday, Sept. 12
    5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
    City Hall - 50 Church St.
    Atrium Room (third floor)

You are encouraged to attend the Public Information Centre. If you are unable to attend, you may forward
written comments or questions to either one of the individuals:

  • Consultant
    Mr. Adam Keane, P.Eng.
    Engineering Manager, Upper Canada Consultants

  • City of St. Catharines
    Ray Vachon, C.E.T.
    905.688.5601 ext. 1606

With exception of personal information, all comments will be part of the public record.  For further information, please contact one of the individuals identified.

Project Update (as of June 29, 2018)

Update: Arlington Avenue to Eastchester Avenue

  • Final restoration of driveways, walkways and sodded areas will commence in 3 to 4 weeks (subject to contractor availability and weather).

Should you have any concerns with any outstanding restoration work of your driveway or front lawns please contact the City staff member identified on the back of this letter prior to Friday, July 13, 2018.  Your concerns will be noted and reviewed prior to the contractor commencing restoration work.

Update: Queenston Street to Arlington Avenue

City staff is preparing a revised design which will consider the following elements:

  • Roadway grading will be reviewed;
  • Curbs on this portion will be replaced with full barrier curbs;
  • The street will be widened (where feasible);

Next steps and approximate timeline:

  • Surveyors will be on site shortly to perform an updated topographic survey.
  • An updated design for Queenston Street to Arlington Avenue will be presented at a Public Information Centre (PIC) meeting this summer. The date, time and location for the meeting has to yet to be confirmed. Area residents will be notified via letter of the meeting’s details as soon as possible. The meeting will take place before any construction work begins.
  • Construction could begin as early as September, subject to contractor availability, with an anticipated completion of late November 2018. 
  • Depending on the start and finish date the final course of asphalt for the roadway may be delayed until Spring 2019.

Efforts will be made to ensure residents’ properties are returned to acceptable conditions as part of the construction process.

Project Contacts

Consultant Contact

Name:   Mr. Adam Keane, P.Eng.

Title:     Engineering Manager, Upper Canada Consultants

Phone:  905.688.9400

Email:   adam@ucc.com

City Contact

Name: Ray Vachon, C.E.T.

Title: Project Manager

Phone: 905.688.5601 ext. 1606

Email: rvachon@stcatharines.ca

Original Project Scope

  1. Replacing the existing Cast Iron (C.I.) watermain.
  2. Constructing a new storm sewer
  3. Replacing the existing sanitary sewer
  4. Constructing curbs on both sides of the road
  5. Repaving the road
  6. Replacing the existing sidewalks with new, wider sidewalks
  7. Replacing the existing paved swales with grass boulevards

Work Area Map

Lorne Street Construction Map

How The Work Will Affect You

Your Property

  • Damage to boulevards and/or driveway aprons due to construction will be restored once the project is complete.
  • If your boulevard or driveway is damaged during construction and is not restored, please contact us.
  • A pre-construction inspection will be conducted on all properties directly abutting the proposed work area to determine the current condition of the buildings. This inspection is NOT performed by City staff, but by a company that specializes in this type of work.  The pre-construction inspector will contact you directly prior to the start of construction in order for you to provide them with your approval to enter your property to complete the inspection. This information is then used to determine the extent of the contractor's responsibility in the unlikely event that your property is damaged during construction.


  • Lorne Street may be reduced to one lane of traffic during the day (Monday to Friday).
  • Two lanes of traffic will be open during evenings and weekends.
  • Best efforts will be made to allow access to homes and business at all times. However, there may be minor interruptions from time to time.
  • If possible we recommend taking routes which do not involve Lorne Street.


  • Best efforts will be made to maintain sidewalks at all times.
  • Please contact us ASAP if you have specific accessibility requirements or concerns.

Water Shut Off

  • At points during construction, your water service will need to be shut off. This has to be done in order for crews to install new water mains and/or service lines.
  • You will be notified in advance of all planned water shut offs.
  • There is also the possibility for emergency unplanned water shut offs. These can happen when watermains burst or when service lines are ruptured. Crews will restore your water service as quickly as possible during these circumstances.
  • For both planned and unplanned water shut offs, once water service is restored we recommend running a cold water tap for 5 minutes prior to drinking tap water.
  • Given that water shut offs will happen during the construction period we recommend keeping a 72- hour supply of water available in case of emergency.
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