Fire & Emergency Management Services

64 Geneva St.
St. Catharines, ON L2R 4M7

Tel: 905.684.4311

Fax: 905.687.3494

TTY: 905.688.4TTY (4889)


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Fire Prevention Office

8 Academy Street
St. Catharines, ON

Tel: 905.688.5601 x4224

Fax: 905.685.4690

TTY: 905.688.4TTY (4889)


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Fire Services

Department Overview

St. Catharines Fire Services delivers fire safety programs including public education, fire inspection for complaints, business licences and various occupancies including conducting post fire investigations. Core fire suppression activities include firefighting, rope rescue, auto extrication, ice and swift water rescue and medical responses. St. Catharines Fire Services also provides emergency fire dispatch service to 13 municipalities including St. Catharines. 

Director of Fire Services - Jeff McCormick

  • Creates and implements the City's Fire Services policy
  • Enforces City policies, by-laws and other legislation
  • Advises and recommends all major equipment purchases, including long-range planning for equipment, buildings and property 
  • Commands all phases of Fire Services' operations at major fires or other emergencies
  • Liaises with other Fire Services and the business and industrial community to promote fire prevention and safety.


  • Provides emergency services to the City of St. Catharines and 12 other municipalities. 
  • Dispatches equipment and manpower
  • Completes property mapping for fire routes
  • Maintains fire department radio systems


  • Enforces the Fire Protection and Prevention Act and the Ontario Fire Code, including prosecution  
  • Inspects buildings for compliance with certain aspects of the Ontario Building Code
  • Promotes fire safety through public education and training 
  • Assists with Alcohol and Gaming Commission inspections
  • Oversees approvals for fireworks and pyrotechnics


  • Provides fire protection
  • Assists with emergency medical assistance calls and hazardous material incidents
  • Provides automobile extrication
  • Completes technical rescues, including high angle, water, ice and industrial
  • Enforces the home smoke alarm inspection program


  • Co-ordinates the delivery of training programs
  • Participate in promotional, reclassification examinations
  • Researches and evaluates equipment and purchases
  • Responsible for recruit hiring and training process



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