Development Charges Background Study

Development Charges Background Study


The City is currently looking to introduce Development Charges. St. Catharines is currently the only municipality in Niagara that does not have lower-tier DCs. As a result, Watson & Associates Economists Ltd were engaged by the City to undertake an in-depth Development Charges Background Study, which is now available for public review and feedback.

What are Development Charges?

Development Charges (DCs) are a fee charged when a building permit is issued to recover growth costs, as an alternative to growth costs being paid for by existing taxpayers through property taxes, water and wastewater bills. Watch this three-minute explainer video to find out more.



The recommendations being made as part of the Development Charges Background Study include the following proposed rates:

Residential - Per Dwelling Unit Urban Rural
Single and Semi-detached  $     10,141  $     9,865
Other Multiples  $       7,439  $     7,236
Apartments (2+ Bedrooms)  $       7,361  $     7,161
Apartments (Bachelor/1 Bedroom)  $       5,033  $     4,896
Special Care/Special Dwelling Units  $       3,806  $     3,702
  Urban Rural
Non Residential - Per Square Foot  $        2.05  $       1.81
Non Residential - Per Square Metre  $       22.01  $     19.43


Next Steps

Give your feedback on the introduction of Development Charges.

Head to the Development Charges Virtual Public Information at to watch the Background Study presentation and give you feedback.

Feedback will be compiled for council prior to the Public Meeting of Council on July 12, 2021.

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