City Council and Committee Livestreams

The City of St. Catharines is pleased to offer live streaming of its City Council and Committee meetings.

At this time City Council and Budget Standing Committee meetings can be viewed through the City of St. Catharines YouTube channel.

How the livestream works:

  • Council meetings start at 6:30 p.m. (unless otherwise noted on the Council Meetings webpage)
  • The livestream will activate a few minutes before this time. You do not need to reload or refresh this page for the live stream to begin.
  • The City Council livestream will appear in the top video frame. To make the video frame full screen, hover your mouse in the top-right area of the video frame, then click on the arrows that appear. Note: the option to go full screen is only available when the stream is active. You cannot make the video frame full screen prior to the start of the live stream.
  • The bottom video frame will show PowerPoint presentations that are being delivered to council. Please note: if you make the top video frame full screen the bottom video screen will not display. Unfortunately, it is not possible to display only the bottom video frame as full screen.


Please email Citizens First if you experience any technical glitches while watching the City Council Livestream. Please note: our support email address is not monitored during City Council meetings, but City staff will respond within two business days

Archived Meetings

While City Council meetings livestreamed via YouTube can be viewed by visiting the City's YouTube Channel, the City also has an archive of Council meetings dating back to September of 2016. You can view them on the Council archive page.


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