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Town and Gown Advisory Committee - Major Events Task Force

Statement of Purpose

This task force will be responsible for developing action plans for the City of St. Catharines and their community partners that will help to address the present issues in the City as they relate to major events involving the student population. The major events that will be considered are the ones such as St. Patrick's Day that pose safety and public nuisance issues to many neighbourhoods in St. Catharines.


The Task Force will seek representation from:

  • Niagara Regional Police Services
  • Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
  • Brock University (to include both Administration and Student representatives)
  • Niagara College (to include both Administration and Student representatives)
  • District School Board of Niagara
  • Niagara District Catholic School Board
  • By-law Enforcement representative
  • Fire and Emergency Management Services
  • Two (2) City Councillors

And any other individuals or experts that the Task Force must call upon.

Reporting Structure 

The Task Force will report directly to Council via the Council representatives

Membership Term

Term of Council.

Membership List


Member Schedule and Location(s)

To be determined. The meeting schedule will be posted and the meetings will be open to the public.

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