Rodger Street / Sharon Street Sewer Project

The City of St. Catharines is anticipating completing Storm Sewer upgrades on Rodger Street between Glen Park Road and Linwell Road, and on Sharon Street between Glen Park Road and Linwell Road.

The project is in accordance with Schedule "A+" of the Municipal Engineers Association (MEA) Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) guidelines (October 2000, as amended in 2007 and 2011) which is approved under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act.

Details on the project are listed below.  Additional information of the construction process will be added to this web page as the information becomes available.

Project Overview


Project Number: P16-004 Rodger/Sharon Storm Sewer

Construction Area: Rodger Street between Glen Park Road and Linwell Road, and on Sharon Street between Glen Park Road and Linwell Road.

Estimated start date (original): Fall 2018

Construction duration (original): up to 12 weeks

Project Contacts

Consultant Contact

Name:   Mr. Kerry Howe Jr., P.Eng.

Title:     Project Manager, Kerry T. Howe Engineering Ltd.

Phone:  905.688.6550


City Contact

Name: Stephanie Huppunen, C. Tech.

Title: Project Technologist

Phone: 905.688.5601 ext. 1646



Project Scope

  1. Constructing a new storm sewer
  2. Filling in ditches and building shallow swales

Public Information Centre

Details for the Public Information Centre are still being finalized and will be posted when confirmed.


Rodger & Sharon Streets - Long Plots


Rodger & Sharon Design Drawings - PIC


Rodger & Sharon PIC Presentation


Work Area Map

Rodger Sharon Proposed Construction Limits

How the work will affect you

Your Property

  • Damage to boulevards and/or driveway aprons due to construction will be restored once the project is complete.
  • If your boulevard or driveway is damaged during construction and is not restored, please contact us.
  • A pre-construction inspection will be conducted on all properties directly abutting the proposed work area to determine the current condition of the buildings. This inspection is NOT performed by City staff, but by a company that specializes in this type of work.  The pre-construction inspector will contact you directly prior to the start of construction in order for you to provide them with your approval to enter your property to complete the inspection. This information is then used to determine the extent of the contractor's responsibility in the unlikely event that your property is damaged during construction.


  • Local traffic may be reduced to one lane of traffic during the day (Monday to Friday).
  • Two lanes of traffic will be open during evenings and weekends.
  • Best efforts will be made to allow access to homes and business at all times. However, there may be minor interruptions from time to time.


  • Best efforts will be made to maintain sidewalks at all times.
  • Please contact us ASAP if you have specific accessibility requirements or concerns.


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