Office of the Mayor
Department Responsibilities

Department Overview

The Office of the Mayor provides administrative support for the Mayor of St. Catharines

Organizational Structure

Mayor of St. Catharines
Walter Sendzik
  • Acts as the municipality's chief executive officer and represents the municipality at official functions
  • Presides over council meetings 
  • Provides the council with leadership
  • Carries out the duties of a head of council under this or any other Act
  • Upholds and promote the purposes of the municipality
  • Promotes public involvement in the municipality's activities
  • Participates in and fosters activities that enhance the economic, social and environmental well-being of the municipality and its residents
  • Plans the Mayor's agenda
  • Responds to requests for information
  • Meets with staff and the public on behalf of the Mayor
  • Organizes flag raising ceremonies
  • Provides other administrative duties as required


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