Legal and Clerk Services


Provides legal services to the Corporation and City Council. Oversees the official records of the municipality, administration of municipal and school board elections, issues licences for marriage, businesses and lotteries and maintains official records, by-laws and contracts.

Director, Legal and Clerk Services - Heather Salter

  • Oversees the Legal Services Department and the Office of the City Clerk
  • Advises and represents City Council in matters of law
  • Advises all departments with respect to matters of legislation, regulation and procedural requirements

 Legal Services

Office of the City Clerk
City Clerk: Bonnie Nistico-Dunk

  • Provides legal advice to City Council, the Chief Administrative Officer and other City officials
  • Prepares all by-laws, agreements and contracts for the Corporation
  • Represents the City of St. Catharines in legal proceedings
  • Represents the City of St. Catharines in real estate transactions
  • Receives and processes insurance claims and written noise complaints


Court documents

If you would like to serve the City Clerk with court documents, please contact the office at 905.688.5601 extension 1517.

Appointments are generally available during the hours of 8:30  to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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