Environmental Sustainability Committee

Environmental sustainability is the ability of the environment to support a defined level of environmental quality, continued protection of resources, and responsible, effective and efficient use of natural resources.

 Advisory Committees

  • Clean City Advisory Committee
  • Green Advisory Committee

 Statement of Purpose

The Environmental Sustainability Committee is an advisory committee comprised of members of Council and citizen members, and is established to:

  • Review and approve the work plans of advisory committees assigned to their sustainability pillar to ensure that work is aligned with Council’s strategic priorities and guiding documents, including the Strategic Plan.
  • Ensure that advisory committee work plans do not overlap or conflict with the work plans or terms of reference of other advisory committees.
  • Identify opportunities for advisory committees to collaborate, coordinate or consult when terms of reference or work plans involve related matters.
  • Recommend to Council changes to advisory committee terms of reference, composition or continuance as required.
  • Make recommendations to Council about advisory committee appointments.
  • Receive advisory committee presentations / reports.
  • At the request of Council, review strategies, projects, policies, and initiatives that align with the Strategic Plan’s environmental sustainability goals and action items.

Advisory Committees assigned to the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee will report to that Committee and not directly to Council,



 The committee shall be as follows:

  • Up to 3 members of Council;
  • Each Chair of those advisory committees that report to the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee; and
  • 2 members of City Staff appointed by the Chief Administrative Officer.

Council members of the Environmental Sustainability Committee shall be ex officio members of all advisory committees, but shall be non-voting and are not included in the quorum of advisory committees.

The Committee may invite non-member participation at the discretion of the Committee


 Term of Appointment

 Term of Council, or as determined by City Council.

 Reporting Structure

The Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee reports to City Council.

Administrative support to the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee shall be provided by the Mayor's Office, which shall assign a Secretary to the Committee.

Additional staff resources as required from time to time will be provided by the applicable departments.

 Schedule of Meetings

 The Committee will meet quarterly or at the discretion of the Chair.

 Membership List

Council Representatives

Committee Representatives

  • Jonathan Belgrave Sookhoo, Chair, Clean City Advisory Committee
  • Dick Thomas, Chair, Green Advisory Committee

Staff Representatives

  • Heather Salter, Director of Legal and Clerks Services
  • Darrell Smith, Director of Municipal Works (Vice-Chair)
  • Antonio Dileo, Supervisor III - Roads (staff liaison - Green Advisory Committee)
  • Rocco Ditto, Supervisor III - Sewers (staff liaison - Clean City Committee)
  • Julie Hughes, Administrative Support


The Committee shall conduct its meetings in accordance with and otherwise comply with the City of St. Catharines Simplified Meeting Procedures for advisory bodies.

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