Downtown Development Revitalization Advisory Committee

Statement of Purpose

The Downtown Development and Revitalization Advisory Committee (DDRC) is a volunteer committee established to advise and assist City Council and staff by identifying opportunities and barriers in the downtown that contribute or detract from the downtown as a vibrant place to live, to work and to play including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Reporting annually regarding metrics measuring the livability, health and wellness of downtown with, particular attention relating to the impact of downtown licensed establishments.
  • Advising in regards to a downtown civic square.
  • Reviewing and providing input and comment on initiatives impacting the downtown including but not limited to:
    • Community Improvement Initiatives affecting downtown
    • Major public initiatives, investments and improvements in the downtown
    • Policy directions focused on downtown, including but not limited to the Creative Cluster Master Plan



The Committee shall be comprised of up to seven members as follows:

  • Executive Director of the St. Catharines Downtown Association (BIA) or designate
  • 2 business owners that operate a business in the downtown
  • 1 new business owner
  • 2 citizen members (1 preferably living in the downtown)
  • 1 citizen member with demonstrated skills or background in community design, new urbanism, architecture or similar credentials focused on the built environment
  • 1 local developer
  • 1 representative from Brock University

Notwithstanding the Simplified Meetings Procedures for advisory bodies, the Committee may invite non-member participation on sub-committees at the discretion of the Committee.

Reporting Structure

The Committee shall report to Council through the Economic Sustainability Committee. The Chair of the Downtown Development and Revitalization Advisory Committee will also be a member of the Economic Sustainability Committee.

Administrative support to the DDRC shall be provided by Planning and Building Services, which shall assign a Secretary to the Committee.

Additional staff resources as required from time to time will be provided by the department.


Membership Term

 Term of Council, or as determined by Council.

Membership List

  • Kelly Burke (Vice-Chair)
  • Rosemary Hale
  • Darryl Hanam
  • Mike Mazzolino
  • Dan Romanko
  • Adrian Thiessen
  • Paul Vance
  • David Vivian, representative from Brock University
  • Rachel Braithwaite, Executive Director, St. Catharines Downtown Association (BIA)
  • Scott Ritchie, Urban Design Planner (staff liaison)

Meeting Schedule and Location(s)

The Committee will meet every second month, or at the discretion of the Chair.


The Committee shall conduct its meetings in accordance with and otherwise comply with the City of St. Catharines Simplified Meeting Procedures for advisory bodies.

The geographic limits of the downtown, for the purposed of the DDRC, is the Downtown Planning District as identified on Schedule E10 of the Garden City Plan.

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