Design Review Panel Task Force

The Design Review Panel was established in May 2017 as a one-year pilot project to advise and assist in reviewing and evaluation applications for residential lot creation. 

Update to the Design Review Panel

At its meeting of April 22, 2020, City Council passed the following motion regarding the Design Review Panel:

"That Council suspend the pilot Design Review Panel (DRP) under the current scope and terms of reference, effective February 26, 2020, for a temporary period only, due to the difficulty in hosting meetings under the Covid 19 protocols. During the temporary period, infill residential lot proponents will still be required to submit the same elevations, designs and plans to staff, as were required for the DRP, allowing staff to evaluate what will be built on the proposed new lot(s) and the intensification's impact on remaining structures (if any), abutting properties and the streetscape prior to the severance being approved; and

That Council direct staff to consult with the existing DRP and report back with an expanded role including the original scope and mandate, scope and terms of reference for a Design Review Panel focused on alignment with the Strategic Plan Guiding Principles and Strategic Goals, including:

  • Urban design input on significant development projects, such as the former General Hospital site, GM lands, etc.
  • Input on development conditions designed to mitigate negative climate change impacts.
  • Input to achieve strong, compatible, connected neighbourhoods that enhance quality of life.
  • Input on urban design policy and guidelines."

Please email Planning and Building Services with any questions regarding the Design Review Panel.

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