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Project and Development Planner

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What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is "the raising of funds through the collection of small contributions from the general public (known as the crowd) using the internet and social media." Funds raised through crowdfunding often include small donations from a large number of individuals as opposed to large donations from a small number of corporations or individual donors. Crowdfunding campaigns are developed on websites called platforms where people can donate funds to the campaign. Once the campaign's financial goal has been achieved the project is implemented.

Crowdfunding campaigns are managed online, making them easy to share via social media, increasing the opportunity for awareness and faster success than typical fundraising campaigns.

Illustrative diagram representing crowdfunding

How is the City involved in crowdfunding?

City staff will work with members of the community that are interested in leading crowdfunding campaigns for projects on City land that align with the City's priorities (e.g. strategic priorities, the Garden City Plan, the Recreation Facilities and Programming Master Plan, etc.). In order for the City to support the project staff will need to confirm that the resources required to support the project are available. For example, there needs to be sufficient staff time to oversee or review the design, purchase, and installation for certain projects, and appropriate resources need to be available for long term maintenance and operation. Any projects being installed on City land need to be designed and installed to City standards.

How can I start a crowdfunding campaign?

  1. Approach the City with your project idea (contact information at left).
  2. The City will assign an appropriate staff contact based on the type of project you are interested in pursuing.
  3. City staff will review the project to determine if it aligns with the City's priorities and if there are sufficient resources to support the project.
  4. If the answers to step 3 are yes, staff will speak with you about the crowdfunding process and to finalize the budget for project.
  5. You will be responsible for selecting a crowdfunding platform, developing the funding campaign and managing the fundraising.
  6. When the campaign is complete the crowdfunding platform will release the funds to you.
    • For construction projects - you will be responsible for releasing the funds to the City before the project is implemented; depending on the project City staff may need to oversee the design and construction to City standards.
    • For community led events - you will be responsible for arranging all necessary permits and agreements (including all fees) with the City and hosting the event.
  7. After the project is complete speak to City staff about what aspects of the crowdfunding process worked well and areas that could be improved.
  8. Start brainstorming ideas for your next crowdfunding project!
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