Corporate Sustainability

Developing a sustainability strategy will chart a course for St. Catharines to become a sustainable community.

A sustainable community is one where citizens' way of life can continue long into the future and one that can withstand trends and events around the world.

Unfortunately, the actions of humans around the globe are not sustainable and cannot continue forever. The air we need to breathe, the water we need to drink, the soil we need to grow our food and the oil we need to power our lifestyles are diminishing with each passing decade. This is not just an environmental problem, since our economies, societies and cultures are all based on our current way of living.

More information on the strategy and its goals are contained in the overview and discussion paper below.

Council adopted a Sustainability Strategy, called Tending our Garden City, in 2011.

Click the image on the right to read Tending our Garden City as an ebook.


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