Office of the Chief Administrative Officer
Department Responsibilities 

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) provides strategic direction for City departments and implements policies as determined by City Council and works closely with the Deputy CAO on City projects and initiatives.

Chief Administrative Officer - Shelley Chemnitz

  • Advises Council on policy matters and acts as a liaison between the administrative staff and elected officials
  • Responsible to the Mayor and City Council for the co-ordination and administration of all City Departments and operations
  • Leads the development of the strategic direction of the organization
  • Communicates and works with staff on important issues relating to the organization and the community
  • Assists in the preparation of the City budget

The Legislative Services, Community Planning and Corporate Communications teams report directly to the CAO.

Legislative Team

Community Planning

Corporate Communications Department Responsibilities

  • Foster two-way communication with the public through print and online media
  • Coordinate the City's social media channels and maintain the City's website
  • Develop and implement media relations policies and strategies
  • Design promotional material for City staff
  • Ensure brand standards are met
  • Provide graphic design, communications and marketing counsel to City staff
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