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Arts and Culture Advisory Committee

The Arts and Culture Advisory Committee (ACAC) is a volunteer committee established to advise City Council and staff on policies, plans and programs related to the arts and cultural sector of St. Catharines. The Committee will act as advocates for culture on behalf of the City within the community, and provide informed perspectives on culture related matters within the municipality.

 Statement of Purpose

The Committee will be familiar with and respond to all cultural policies and plans approved by City Council and will:
  • Review applications to the St. Catharines Cultural Investment Program (SCCIP) and make annual recommendations to Council for investment as per policy guidelines
  • Assist with event coordination and recipient selection of the annual Arts Awards
  • Participate in the creation or renewal of cultural plans and policies, as required



The Arts and Culture Advisory Committee shall be comprised of up to 11 members as follows:

  • Six citizen members of the cultural community
  • Four artists, of any discipline
  • CEO or designate, St. Catharines Folk Arts Multicultural Centre

In addition, a representative from the Ministry of Culture will be invited to attend as a non-voting, resource person.

The Committee members should include individuals from the cultural community representing a balance of all disciplines, including the visual arts, literary arts, and performing arts with a variety of relevant skill sets, knowledge and experience. Both professional and amateur cultural workers should be part of the Committee's membership representing as many of the following fields or experience as feasible:

  • Artistic practice (all disciplines)
  • Arts and cultural management, promotion and production
  • Creative entrepreneurship
  • Ethnocultural community development
  • Business development, marketing and communications
  • Grant-writing and/or evaluation expertise
  • Cultural advocacy

The Committee has three (3) standing sub-committees:

  • St. Catharines Cultural Investment Program (SCCIP) Review Committee.
  • Festival Review Committee.
  • Arts Award Committee.

All Committee members are expected to participate in at least one sub-committee. Notwithstanding the Simplified Meetings Procedures for advisory bodies, the Arts and Culture Committee may invite non-member participation on its sub-committees at the discretion of the Committee.

 Reporting Structure


The Committee reports to Council through the Cultural Sustainability Committee. (Notwithstanding general reporting relationship, SCCIP funding approvals will not require Sustainability Committee approval and will be recommended directly to Council).

The Chair of the Arts and Culture Advisory Committee will also be a member of the Cultural Sustainability Committee.

Administrative support to the Committee shall be provided by the Parks, Recreation and Culture Services Department, which shall assign a Secretary to the Committee.

Additional staff resources as required from time to time will be provided by the department.

Membership Term

The Arts and Culture Advisory Committee's term is as per City Council's four-year term. The current Council term began with the 2014 election and will end in conjunction with the 2018 election.

Membership List

  • Rhiannon Barry, St. Catharines Folk Arts Multicultural Centre
  • Peter Dillman
  • Rosemary Drage Hale
  • Monica Dufault
  • Justus Duntsch
  • Jennifer Hay, Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport (ex officio)
  • Suzanne Melville
  • Sandy Middleton
  • Wynne Nicholson
  • Robert Speck
  • Jennifer Wallace (Chair)
  • Rebecca Cann, Cultural Services Supervisor
  • Ashley Judd-Rifkin, Culture Coordinator

 Meeting Schedule and Location(s)

Check the Meeting Calendar for detailed information and cancellations.

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