St. Catharines is strategically situated within an excellent network of transportation modes, making it easy to get here by car, bus or taxi.

Major highways link the city with Toronto and other Canadian hubs, as well as Buffalo, Detroit and other centres in the U.S.

These routes include:

  • Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW), Toronto to Buffalo
  • Hwy. 401, Toronto west to Windsor and east to Kingston and beyond
  • Hwy. 6, Hamilton to Guelph
  • Hwy. 406, St. Catharines to Port Colborne
  • Hwy. 20, QEW to Highway 403
  • Hwy. 3, Fort Erie to Windsor
  • Hwy. 402, London to Sarnia
  • Hwy. 400 North

Given the popularity of St. Catharines and Niagara region as a tourist destination, its location along major transportation arties and its proximity to an international border, be sure to check traffic reports to ensure an enjoyable journey.

Visit the Ministry of Transportation, Traveller's Road Information Portal

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