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Merritt's Mercantile, the Gift Shop at the St. Catharines Museum and Welland Canals Centre, carries a great selection of local memorabilia, t-shirts, ship and canal-related goods, and specialty and gift items, including maple products, pioneer toys, and many other unique items.

Museum Members receive 10 per cent discount. Visit our Memberships page for more information on how to become a member and the benefits.

A great selection of nautical items

We also have a great selection of nautical items:
Shop nautical merchandise

  • Welcome Mat: $19.95
  • Black Captain's Hat: $14.95
  • Monkey Fist (rope ball): $22.95
  • LED Lighthouse: $39.95
  • 2019 Know Your Ships: $24.95
  • Model of the Atlantic: $99.95 

Stock available while supplies last. Prices do not include HST. 

New local merchandise

We have some exciting new local merchandise:

Shop local merchandise

  • St. Catharines mug: $12.95
  • St. Catharines Museum shot glass: $4.95
  • St. Catharines Museum keychain: $3.95
  • "Divers Guides": $10.95 (each)
  • St. Catharines book mark: $4.95
  • "Lake Boats": $29.95

Stock available while supplies last. Prices do not include HST. 

Something for every child:

Merritt's Mercantile offers an exciting collection of toys, books, plush stuffed animals, and more!

Shop children's merchandise

  • "Good Morning, Canada": $9.99
  • "Good Night, Canada": $9.99
  • "A Very Sleepy Bear": $9.99
  • "Sleepover at the Museum" $17.99
  • "Benny the Whale": $24.95 (local story, author, and publisher)
  • Plush Moose in PJ's: $15.95

Stock available while supplies last. Prices do not include HST. 

Limited Series: Streetcar Spikes from St. Paul Street for Sale

Street Cars in St. Catharines

Remember during the summer of 2017, when St. Paul Street was stripped out and basically rebuilt? Well, have we got a treat for the transportation-history-lover in your life.

Part of the demolition process was removing former Niagara, St. Catharines, and Toronto (NS&T)/Canadian National Railway (CNR) streetcar track that was paved, first in the 1950s. The spikes were put in as part of a maintenance program undertaken by the CNR in 1926. While they aren’t part of the original trackage from the Victorian era of streetcar transportation in St. Catharines, they are still pretty old, and really super cool.

CNR Streetcar Railway Spike: $7

While supplies last. Each spike comes with a postcard photograph of the section of St. Paul Street from the approximate time the spikes would have been put in the ground.

Contact Merritt's Mercantile for more details. 

For more information about the CNR Streetcar Railway spikes, please visit the Museum's blog.

Hours of operation

The Gift Shop, along with the Museum and Welland Canals Centre, is to the public 9:00am to 4:30pm seven days a week, and closed intermittently for enhanced cleaning. Visitors can enjoy our Merritt's Merchantile during the following time slots:

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  • 11:00am - 12:30pm
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  • 3:00pm- 4:30pm 

The public is reminded that COVID-19 continues to pose a threat to the health of the community, and as such masks should continue to be worn alongside the continuation of handwashing and physical distancing. Mask and screening requirement remain in effect for those entering the facility. 

Closed: Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

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