Highways, Bridges & Border Crossings

There are 443 kilometres (275 miles) of local roads as well as
99 kilometres (61 miles) of regional roads in St. Catharines.
The present day road system was developed from former Indian trails,
the locations of the four Welland Canal systems, and the many creeks traversing the area.

Provincial Highways

St. Catharines is strategically situated within an excellent network of transportation modes. Major highways link the city with Toronto and other Canadian cities, as well as Buffalo, Detroit and the United States. Major highways in close proximity include:

  • Queen Elizabeth Way (Q.E.W.), Toronto to Buffalo
  • Hwy. 401, Toronto - west to Windsor and east Cornwall
  • Hwy. 6, Hamilton to Guelph
  • Hwy. 406, St. Catharines to Port Colborne.
  • Hwy. 420, Q.E.W. to Hwy. 403.
  • Hwy. 3, Fort Erie to Windsor.
  • Hwy. 402, London to Sarnia.
  • Hwy. 400 North.

Border Bridges

There are three bridges connecting Niagara Region to the United States.

  • Peace Bridge
  • Queenston-Lewiston Bridge
  • Rainbow Bridge

The bridges are international border crossings and require proof of identification to cross.

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