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Summary: Visually beautiful cities stimulate a sense of pride and commitment. Through its Public Art Policy the City of St. Catharines strives to create vibrant public spaces that reflect the diversity of our community, and engage its residents and visitors with quality works of public art.

The City of St. Catharines seeks to encourage all those who care about the community to participate in making art, collecting it and commissioning it. - Vision Statement from the St. Catharines Public Art Policy

The first section of a Public Art Policy was approved by City Council in June, 2003. Section I of the policy outlines the City's Art Collection Management Policy and Guidelines. With more than 2,000 items in its collection, the City is proud to make this artwork and cultural property available for viewing in some of the City Art Exhibits that are described on this website.
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Summary: The Alcohol Policy outlines a range of measures designed to prevent alcohol related problems and increases the enjoyment of those who use City facilities.
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Summary: Procurement Policy
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Summary: Outlines frequently asked questions and answers from employees returning or continuing to work during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Summary: MACOA Terms of Refence
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Summary: In March 2000, City Council approved a Municipal Cultural Policy for St. Catharines. This policy provides the City with a Vision Statement for culture, goals and objectives, and, recommendations of work that can be undertaken. The policy also includes definitions pertaining to the cultural sector.

This policy plays an important role in guiding staff and City Council on the cultural services to be developed for our community.
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Summary: Ice Allocation Policy
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Summary: Facility Rental Terms and Conditions
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Summary: Complaint Protocol for the Code of Conduct of Members of Council, Local Boards and Advisory Committees
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Summary: Code of Conduct for elected officials
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