Business Licence By-Law Compliance


A Business Licence is required for certain types of businesses in the City of St. Catharines. Please visit our Business Licence web page for information on the types of businesses that require a business licence in St. Catharines.

The related fees are provided. By-law No. 2005-318 regulates the issuing of business licences.

Process for submitting a Business Licence By-Law Infraction

  1. Complete and submit our Business Licence By-Law Compliance Form
  2. Once a form is submitted, an inspector will make a site visit to determine if it is a valid infraction.
  3. Once this has been established, a letter is sent advising the specifics of the infraction and what is required for compliance of the by-law, including how long the resident has to complete the modifications for compliance.

In addition, anyone who is in violation of the City's by-law and does not comply with a notice that is issued by the City by-law enforcement office may be subject to legal action.

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