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Zoning By-law 2013-283 regulates the use of land and the character, location and use of buildings and structures thereon. Things that are typically regulated include type of uses permitted on a lot, lot size and dimensions, the location, size, bulk and height of building and structures, and landscaping and parking requirements.


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Zoning Inquiries

Official versions of all Zoning Maps and related information can be obtained from the City of St. Catharines Planning and Building Services Department by calling 905.688.5601 ext. 1660. When sufficient information has been provided, a Zoning Technician from the Planning and Building Services Department can advise:

  • How land may be used
  • Where buildings and other structures can be located or "setback" from the property line
  • The types of building structures that are permitted and how they are used

Written confirmation regarding the zoning of a property is subject to a fee.

How to Use By-law 2013-283

In order to reference this by-law most easily, a property owner should follow the steps below to determine what permissions apply to their particular property.

  1. Locate the Property on a Map
    Maps in a zoning by-law are called 'Schedules.' The first step to using this by-law is to refer to the zone schedules contained in Section 15 to determine in which zone category your property is located. The zone category will be indicated on the schedules by a symbol or abbreviation. For example, you may see a symbol such as "R1" on your property. This would indicate that your property is within the 'Low Density Residential - Suburban Neighbourhood Zone'. The zone symbols or abbreviations are explained on the first page of Section 4 of the by-law.
  2. By-law Amendments

    Section 1 provides assistance to help you identify the zone boundaries on the schedules. For example, if your property appears close to a zone boundary and you are not sure how to determine exactly where that boundary is located, refer to Section 1.1.7 of the by-law.

    A zoning by-law is not a static document; it is amended over time as demands and policies governing land use change. Before proceeding any further, you should verify that your property is not the subject of a zoning by-law amendment. These amendments are listed in Section 13 of this by-law. More recent amendments may not be included in the version of the by-law you are using. Staff in the City's Planning and Building Services Department will be able to assist you to confirm if your property has been subject to a more recent By-law amendment.

  3. Permitted Uses
    The next step to using this by-law is to determine what uses are permitted on your property. Section 4 of the by-law identifies the permitted uses for each zone in the municipality. Some uses are only permitted under certain circumstances. More detailed lists of the permitted uses are found on the first page of Sections 5 to 11. The definitions in Section 12 can assist you if you are not sure of the nature of a use or how it has been defined for the purposes of this by-law.

  4. Zone Standards
    Steps 1, 2 and 3 have helped you identify the zone in which your property is located and what uses are permitted on your property. The next step is to determine what standards may apply to the uses on your property. Sections 5 to 11 of the by-law identifies the zone standards for each zone including standards for minimum lot area, minimum frontage requirements, minimum yard requirements, maximum permitted height of buildings and, in some cases, the minimum required landscaped open space on the lot.

    The primary zone structure of this by-law includes a list of permitted uses and zone standards for each zone category.

  5. General Provisions
    Now that you are aware of the uses permitted on your property and the specific zone standards that apply to those uses, reference should be made to Section 2 of this by-law. Section 2 contains a more generic set of standards known as 'General Provisions' that apply to all properties in all zones throughout the City. For example, the general provisions contain standards that regulate the construction and location of accessory buildings and platforms that apply to all properties regardless of where in the municipality a property is located.

  6. Parking
    There is one final section of the by-law that should be consulted when determining what permissions apply to your specific property. Section 3 provides the parking and loading requirements for all permitted uses in the municipality. If you are considering changing the use of your property or adding a new use to your property, you should review Section 3 to ensure that you are aware of the parking requirements for the proposed use.

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