Urban Design

Henley island and northwest St. CatharinesCertain new developments within the city are subject to urban design guidelines.

Urban design guidelines are intended to enhance the quality of development within the city by focusing on the context of new buildings, how those buildings look from the street, how new buildings relate to existing buildings, and how the street itself is improved or enhanced by new development.

Urban design guidelines address the massing and proportion of a building, the location of buildings and parking areas on the site and landscaping. Certain locations within the City are also identified as nodes and gateways (eg. major intersections, entry points to downtown) requiring enhanced site and building design to highlight the importance of these locations.

Approved urban design guidelines are in effect for the following development types at specified locations.

In Downtown St. Catharines these approved Downtown Urban Design Guidelines are in effect.

In the GO Transit Station Secondary Plan Area these GO Station Secondary Plan Urban Design Guidelines are in effect.

Residential Uses

Commercial Uses

Where do urban design guidelines apply?

Traditional neighbourhoods, suburban neighbourhoods, commercial corridors and node and gateway locations are defined on the Urban Design Location Map and described on the accompanying location descriptions

In addition Approved Urban Design Guidelines are intended to be approved by Council in phases.



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