Residential Infill Review

St. Catharines City Council has lifted an interim-control by-law and approved new policies and procedures for residential development in established neighbourhoods.

On Monday May 8 City Council approved a number of changes to the City's Official Plan, Comprehensive Zoning By-law, and Committee of Adjustment. The changes come after the City's nearly six-month review and consultation with residents at public meetings and information sessions.

City Council also approved the creation of new urban design guidelines and a design review panel as a one-year pilot project to provide guidance and input on new lot creation. The changes include new public notice guidelines and clear communications so residents can be better informed about development in their neighbourhood. 

Other policy changes include technical refinements such as building heights and minimum lot sizes in certain low-density residential neighbourhoods.

The policy changes come after City Council directed a review of the City's planning and zoning standards in September 2016 after hearing from a number of residents and property owners about the impacts of infill and new developments in established neighbourhoods.

Last December, City Council put a moratorium on new developments in lower density neighbourhoods to allow time to complete the review. The City held two public information sessions earlier this year and a four-and-a-half hour public meeting on May 1 to hear public input.




A public meeting regarding proposed changes to the City's  Official Plan, Comprehensive Zoning By-law, and Committee of Adjustment was held Monday, May 1. City Council approved changes Monday, May 8.

A public information session was held on Feb. 16 to present the review's preliminary findings and to receive feedback from the public.

A second public information session was held on March 2 to present draft recommendations stemming from the review.

City planners presented a status update to City Council on Monday, March 27.


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