Rental Housing

After several months of public consultation on a proposed rental housing licensing by-law, the City is taking a deeper look at other solutions to the issues. A rental housing licensing by-law is not coming forward at this time.

Overview and Background

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    City council received the draft by-law for information at its Jan. 29, 2018 meeting and instructed staff to begin public consultation.

  • Public consultation regarding the draft rental housing licencing by-law was held in the spring, including an online survey and public open house.

Download the Draft Rental Housing Licensing By-law and staff report

Public consultation regarding the draft rental housing licencing by-law has now closed, but please email us should you have any additional comments.

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Mayor's Working Group

  • Due to the extensive public response to the City’s online survey and open house, the consultation process was extended and a Mayor’s working group has been created. The goal of the working group is to examine the issues of rental housing in the community and develop action-based solutions.
  • Organized by the Mayor’s Office, the working group is comprised of approximately 20 members representing tenants, landlords, residents, Brock University, the housing industry, lawyers and real estate professionals.
  • Meetings have already commenced and will continue throughout the summer.

Next Steps

  • A consolidated comment paper from the working group will be brought to City staff this fall.
  • City staff will then prepare a council report which will analyze these comments, thoroughly examine the issues raised through the public consultations and outline several options for City Council to consider.
  • These options will include solutions alternative to a rental housing licensing by-law.
  • The staff report is expected to be presented to City Council in the first quarter of 2019. 
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