By-law Compliance


Community Protection OfficerBuildings are required to be structurally sound. All exterior walls, roofs and foundations are required to be maintained as reasonably safe and protected against deterioration.

Property standards inspections ensure and enforce by-laws related to boarding up of vacant buildings, removal of waste and accident hazard conditions, as well as requirements for structural, heating, electrical, plumbing, cleanliness, storage, etc.

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By-Law Compliance

The City's By-law Compliance officers are committed to serve, protect and provide a high quality of life for residents and visitors to the City of St. Catharines.

By-law Compliance officers strive to educate residents and visitors about community standards and employ a professional, unbiased approached to the enforcement of and compliance with by-laws.

In addition to its own team of by-law compliance officers, the City of St. Catharines works with several agencies to assist and ensure residents live, work and play safely and comfortably in the Garden City.

Knowing the rules of your city and neighbourhood can help residents avert any problems or unpleasant situations and help create a stronger sense of community and pride.



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