Free parking available in Port Dalhousie

Posted on Wednesday May 15, 2019
Free Parking Available in Port Dalhousie-Map

New wayfinding signs posted in key areas in Port Dalhousie will help visitors on their way to Lakeside Park and local businesses find available parking at nearby City lots.

Free parking for Port Dalhousie businesses and Lakeside Park is available at the Lakeside Park parking lot and other nearby City parking lots. The new signs will direct Port Dalhousie visitors to parking at Ontario Jaycee Gardens Park (543 Ontario St.) and the Port Dalhousie Pier Marina parking lot (80 Lighthouse Rd.) on the east side of the Port Dalhousie piers.

Wayfinding signage will also be posted at the parking areas to direct visitors to the local business area and Lakeside Park. Travel time from the alternative parking areas is estimated to be about a 15-minute walk. Visitors parking at Ontario Jaycee Gardens Park can access Lakeside Park via the pedestrian bridge to Rennie Park and following the sidewalks along Lakeport Road. Visitors who park at the marina can access Lakeside Park via Lighthouse Road to Lakeport Road (please use the sidewalks).

“There are some really exciting construction projects happening that will contribute to a revitalized Port Dalhousie,” said David Oakes, the City’s deputy chief administrative officer. “We recognize the projects are limiting parking in the area and we appreciate everyone’s patience during construction. Rest assured, there are still many free parking spots available nearby. These new wayfinding signs will help our visitors find a place to park car so they can enjoy everything Port Dalhousie has to offer.”

Lakeside Park visitors can also use St. Catharines Transit to get to the park. The weekday 301 and evening and weekend 401 buses stop at Lock Street and Main Street, which is just a short walk from Lakeside Park.

Construction for a Lakeport Road development project has led to a temporary closure of the City’s Lock Point parking lot. Construction crews working on rehabilitating the Port Dalhousie piers are also using a section of the Lakeside Park parking to store materials and equipment.

The Port Dalhousie piers are owned by Fisheries and Oceans Canada and leased by the City of St. Catharines. Portions of the piers were closed in the interest of public safety in April 2015. This decision was made by Fisheries and Oceans Canada following an engineering report that recommended limiting access to the piers because of significant damage to their substructure.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada awarded the contract to repair the Port Dalhousie Piers to Bronte Construction, and work began in December, 2018. The project is expected to be completed by March 2021.

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