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Hear! Here! Niagara Music Series - Mark Lalama Trio, Steve Strongman + Serena Pryne

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Start Date:  Sunday, September 17, 2017 4:00 PM
End Date:  Sunday, September 17, 2017 6:00 PM
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Title:  Hear! Here! Niagara Music Series - Mark Lalama Trio, Steve Strongman + Serena Pryne
Category:  Performances
Address:  FirstOnatario Performing Arts Centre 250 St.Paul Street
Contact:  The Box Office
Phone:  905-688-0722
Website:  http://
Detail:  Award-winning Canadian bluesman Steve Strongman is a versatile talent, and a restless one. By constantly pushing himself in new directions, he has kept himself vital. The same structures and progressions that animate blues and roots music can also choke the air out of it, smothering it in caricature and cliché. But Strongman is a subtle shape-shifter who manages to slip that trap without betraying the music he loves.

As the frontwoman for the Niagara band, The Mandevilles, Serena Pryne is the focal point for the band for both her force-of-nature stage presence and her dynamic and unmistakably authentic whisky-soaked voice. Pryne wears her influences on her sleeves, from Tom Petty to the Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin.

“I played in a blues band when I was a kid. That definitely shaped the sound of my voice. Even though I don’t listen to blues records all the time there is just something about it that I gravitate to – it was natural for me,” Pryne said.
Attachments:  hearhere_steveserena.jpg


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