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Ontario Jaycee Gardens Park


543 Ontario St.
Between Ontario Street and Martindale Pond


Jaycee Park is a passive park located in Port Dalhousie Ward. It follows the path of the third Welland Canal that cut diagonally across the city between 1886 and 1932. The canal was filled in, within the park, but the location can clearly be seen along the path of the shrub bed located on the south side of the park. The west end of the park, close to Martindale Pond, contains the exposed remnants of one of the stone locks of the canal. Visitors can enjoy walking, open space, horticultural displays and passive recreation. Beautiful views of Martindale Pond can be found at the west end of the park. There is parking on site. This park is 8.7 hectares.

Planning a get-together or searching for a location for wedding photos? Permits are available for this park for those purposes.

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Wood Chips

Wood chips are currently available for collection.

Jaycee Park has free wood chips available to the public by bushel or bag from early spring until October. The wood chip pile is located near the park's parking lot.

Wood chip collection rules:

  • Wood chips can be collected weekdays between 7:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Collection is not available on weekends or holidays.
  • Availability of wood chips is dependent upon supply. 
  • No truckloads allowed.
  • Residents need to bring their own shovels / bag / bins

What's in the wood chips?

  • Wood chips are City trees that have been taken down and turned into mulch
  • Ash trees are not included in the mulch

Hours of Operation

This park is accessible from dawn to dusk
This park is available for permit 6 a.m. to 11 p.m
Please note: Parks are not available for permit on statutory holidays


Recreational and Leisure Activity


Walking trails
Welland Canal

Policies & Procedures

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Diagrams & Images

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