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Lakeside Park


9 Main St.
Main Street and Lakeport Road


Located in Port Dalhousie Ward, Lakeside Park offers1,500 feet of sandy beach, picnic area, carousel, concessions, playground equipment, dressing rooms, washrooms and parking area, pavilion, Waterfront Trail and Port Dalhousie Harbour Walkway. This park is 5.3 hectares.

Planning a get-together or searching for a location for wedding photos? Permits are available for this park for those purposes.

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Montebello Park is used for the Summer Concert Series and Moonlight Movies. Visit our Summer Concert Series page and Park Experiences page for full details.


Lakeside Park Pavilion closed

In the interest of public safety, access to the Lakeside Park Pavilion is restricted.

An inspection of the structural integrity of the pavilion conducted by a third-party engineering firm determined that deterioration of the existing structure combined with winter elements like snow accumulation and high winds necessitate closure of the pavilion to reduce the risk to the public.

City staff have installed a fence around the perimeter of the pavilion, which will remain in place until the identified safety issues have been addressed.

On June 16 crews began to dismantle the Lakeside Park Pavilion to make way for a new pavilion in 2017. Crews will salvage the existing wood columns for future use and the asphalt pad will remain in place. Work on dismantling the pavilion should wrap up by June 28.

Work to remove the pavilion will not result in cancellations or changes to events happening in Lakeside Park, including the Tuesday supper market and carousel operations. The pavilion's pad and the area surrounding the pavilion will be open to residents once removal of the pavilion is complete.

Enhancements to Lakeside Park

New pavilion:

  • More versatile design
  • Higher internal ceiling
  • Brighter interior
  • Improved pest control
  • More power access points.
  • Addition of indoor lighting
  • Better connection with Lakeside Park.
  • The new pavilion will measure approximately 4000 square feet and have the same orientation as the existing pavilion.

Upgrades to Lakeside Park:

  • Addition of a band shell
  • Renovations to the washrooms
  • Burying overhead electrical wires
  • New accessible play structure
  • Improved lighting
  • Accessibility upgrades. 

Work on the enhancements to Lakeside Park will start October 2016 and be completed by December 2017.

Hours of Operation

This park is accessible from dawn to dusk
This park is available for permit 6 a.m. to 11 p.m
Please note: Parks are not available for permit on statutory holidays


Picnic and BBQ
Recreational and Leisure Activity


Picnic area
Waterfront Trail
Port Dalhousie Harbour Walkway

Policies & Procedures

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Diagrams & Images

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