Arthur Street Pool

Address / Location

92 Arthur St.


Arthur Street Pool is a 15.25 metres x 12.19 metres small outdoor pool that operates during the summer months. The pool is one metre at the deepest point.  Arthur Street Pool has a capacity of 128 patrons including in the pool and on the deck.

Hours of Operation

Hours of operation are subject to change based on weather conditions. All outdoor pools in August will remain open as lighting conditions permit or until scheduled closure time. If the Niagara Region Public Health issues a Heat Advisory, all outdoor pool hours may be extended.


Closed for the Season 



Recreational Swimming
All swimming activities have a capacity of 100 patrons including in the pool and on the deck.


Male and female washrooms
Playground Equipment


Pool Closed 


Free admission

Policies & Procedures

Admittance and supervision requirements are applicable.

View Aquatics Admittance and Supervision Requirements

Diagrams & Images

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