Zoning By-law Enforcement


Zoning by-laws are approved by St. Catharines City Council to regulate the use of land and the character, location, and use of buildings and structures therein.

Each parcel within the City will have a zoning designation and corresponding regulations; for example, the zoning by-laws regulate the location of buildings, decks, fences, accessory buildings, building height, lot sizes and coverage, and parking requirements.


When a formal complaint is received, a by-law enforcement inspector makes a site visit to determine if it is a valid complaint. Once this has been established, a letter is sent advising the specifics of the infraction and what is required for compliance with the bylaw, including how long the resident has to complete the modifications for compliance.


Anyone who is in violation of the City's by-law and does not comply with a notice that is issued by the City may be subject to legal action.


Please select the Find the Parking By-laws button to your right above and select By-law 2010-38 or select the Building Standards By-laws button and select By-law Number 2005-769 regarding air conditioners in sideyards. For further assistance, please contact the Enforcement Co-ordinator.

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