Water Conservation

For over a decade the City of St. Catharines has been educating children and the public about the benefits of water conservation.  These efforts continue through in-school public education programs and public information outlets such as displays in our local malls and at home shows.

Rain Barrels

Each year, the City holds a rain barrel sale to help residents conserve water.

The 2014 Rain Barrel Sale will be held Saturday, May 24th at the Seymour-Hannah Sports and Entertainment Centre. The sale starts at 8 a.m. and runs until 1 p.m., or until the rain barrels are sold out. Barrels are $40 each. Cash is the only method of payment and proof of residency is required.

Why you should get a rain barrel 

  • Reduce water pollution by keeping rain water out of sewers
  • Reduce the amount of bacteria, oils, grease and other pollutants from getting into local waterways.
  • In areas with combined sewer overflow systems, the redirection of downspouts into rain barrels diverts excess water from wastewater treatment plants.
  • Rain barrels are ideal for plants. Rainwater naturally doesn't contain minerals, chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals so it will help your plants thrive.
  • Reduce peak water demand. Reducing the amount of treated municipal water used outdoors lowers the peak water demand during the summer months.
  • Check out our Rain Barrel factsheet for more information

Win a rain barrel

Free is always better. Enter to win a free rain barrel


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