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Parking Enforcement Customer Service

City of St. Catharines
PO Box 3012, 50 Church St.
St. Catharines, ON L2R 7C2

Tel: 905.688.5601 x1429

Fax: 905.688.4077

TTY: 905.688.4TTY (4889)


Click here for a map to St. Catharines City Hall

Click here to email Parking Enforcement Customer Service

Street Parking Permits


Commercial Meter Bags - Permits

Businesses in metered zones can rent a metered space for an all day stay to accommodate renovations or repairs. The cost of $22.50 per day is required when attending City Hall to obtain the bag and permit.

Residential Street Parking Permits

Residents who live on a street which is posted as a "time limit zone", can purchase an annual Residential Street Permit for $40 per year, per vehicle registered to the owner at that address. The permit must be visibly displayed to allow the vehicle to remain parked longer than the time limit posted however, all other parking by-law restrictions must be obeyed. The resident must supply proof of residency by presenting the vehicle ownership at time of purchase.

For information regarding our regular parking permits, please see above right for a direct link to our Parking Lots & Garages webpage.


Contact Parking Enforcement, listed in bottom left hand corner.


Commercial Meter Bags: $22.50 per day
Residential Street Permits: $40 per year, per vehicle
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