Street Cleaning

Our spring clean-up which includes all streets in the city, both curbed and non-curbed is well under way. To help ensure your street is cleaned properly please avoid parking vehicles on the street when the sweepers are scheduled to be in your area.

Sweeper locations for Tuesday, April 22:

  • Sector 41

Street sweeping is divided into 50 work sectors. View our work sector map to learn more about the different sectors.

Completed sectors:

  • Sectors 1 and 6 - April 21

It is a by-law offense to intentionally place any debris, including leaves, on a public roadway. Leaves collected from the boulevard and private properties are to be bagged for pickup under the leaf and yard waste collection program. 

Property owners are encouraged to remove leaves and debris from their ditches regularly to avoid blockages and possible flooding problems. If the culvert at your property becomes blocked with debris, call 905.935.3813.

To keep up with the City's street cleaning activity, follow us on Twitter, where updates on road conditions, construction, closures and other activity are posted during regular business hours.

Image of Street Sweeper
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