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Fall Street Cleaning

November 18, 2014 10:00 a.m. - street sweeping has been put on hold until weather conditions improve to allow the proper pick up of leaves and debris.

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This page will be updated with the scheduled sweeper locations throughout the month of November. To help ensure your street is cleaned properly please avoid parking vehicles on the street when the sweepers are scheduled to be in your area. 

The City is not responsible for clearing leaves raked onto the roadway by property owners. It is a by-law offense to intentionally place any debris, including leaves, on a public roadway.

Leaves collected from the boulevard and private properties are to be bagged for pickup under the leaf and yard waste collection program run by the Niagara Region. Please visit their website for information on the pick-up schedule and requirements. 

Property owners are encouraged to remove leaves and debris from their ditches regularly to avoid blockages and possible flooding problems. If the culvert at your property becomes blocked with debris, call 905.935.3813.

To keep up with the City's street cleaning activity, follow us on Twitter, where updates on road conditions, construction, closures and other activity are posted during regular business hours.

Image of Street Sweeper
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