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Snow Removal

City crew cleaning a sidewalk

Snow Removal Update

  • On Wednesday, main roads and designated secondary roads were plowed to bare pavement and 75 per cent of secondary streets were completed.
  • Crews were unable to finish plowing all secondary streets before the temperature dropped leaving frozen ruts on some residential streets.
  • Snow is now frozen to some roads and cannot be plowed away. To loosen the snow, City crews  are salting the unplowed secondary roads.
  • Applying salt will help to loosen the snow so streets can be plowed when the temperature increases. Warmer weather is forecast to begin this weekend.
  • Secondary streets that weren't plowed Wednesday will be the first streets to be salted.
  • To aid City crews, residents are asked to not park on the street when plowing operations resume. By keeping cars off the road crews will be able to work faster and remove more snow from the road.

What you can do to help

As a resident of St. Catharines, you can help us in many ways:
  • Report any slippery or dangerous road conditions to us as soon as possible at 905.935.3813;
  • Whenever possible, refrain from parking on streets during a winter storm event;
  • Pile all snow from your driveway and walkways on your property - not on the road. When clearing your driveway pile snow on the right side of your driveway if you are facing the street. This will help reduce the amount of snow pushed back into your driveway by a plow;
  • Shovel the City sidewalk in front of AND beside your property as soon as you can after a storm event and apply sand or salt when icy, By-Law
    2008-315 requires it;
  • Keep fire hydrants clear and accessible as in the event of a fire, gaining access could be critical; and
  • On your garbage day, place your garbage and recycling containers close to the edge of the road but not so close as to interfere with snow removal.

Please be patient, you can be sure that during a storm event we are exerting our maximum effort to return road conditions to normal. Under severe conditions, it takes some time to get to all streets. If your street has not been plowed, please allow at least 24 hours after the snow has stopped before calling.

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