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Water Meters

Water Meter Replacement Program

Water meters are installed and maintained by the City. The Water Meter Replacement Program ensures meters are changed every 15 years. The City uses the services of a contractor to exchange residential water meters that are due for replacement. The contractor will contact residents to schedule appointments.

Please consider the following prior to your appointment:
  • There must be clear access to the water meter. City staff cannot move personal property;
  • Pets inside your home must be restrained; and
  • Material should be put down to protect floors. City staff cannot remove their boots.
City staff will contact commercial and industrial customers who require a meter replacement.

Water Meter Responsibility

The water meter is the responsibility of the City, however, the repair and replacement of the valve located next to the meter is the responsibility of the property owner. If this valve is leaking or damaged it is the property owner's responsibility to repair it which may require the service of a plumber.

If the water service or water meter is found to be frozen or water must be shut off for repairs please call 905.935.3813, there are costs for these services.

City staff may need to inspect your water meter to ensure it is working properly.
Image of Water Meter
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