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Enforcement Of Weeds & Tall grass by-law


The Maintenance of Weeds and Grass By-law was created to ensure that weeds and grass on private land (including grounds, yards and vacant lots) within the urban boundary are maintained in such a way that eliminate conditions which are, could become, or could cause public nuisances as a result of neglect or improper yard maintenance.

Grass and weeds eight inches (20 centimetres) or more may fall under this by-law.


Formal complaints can be directed to the Weed Inspector in Recreation and Community Services through the Weeds and Tall Grass Complaint Form or by phone at 905-688-5601 ext. 3222.

When a complaint is received the inspector will visit the property to determine if the complaint is valid. Once validity has been established, a formal notice is couriered or personally delivered to the property owner advising that compliance with the by-law is required within 72 hours of the date the notice is served (as prescribed by Section 4 of the by-law).


Should the property owner fail to comply with the notice, the City or its agent will perform any work required under the notice at the owner's expense. The City may recover incurred expenses by action or by adding the costs to the tax roll and collecting them in the same manner as taxes.


View the Maintenance of Weeds and Grass By-law
photo of a lawnmower cutting grass
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