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There are a number of ways you can contribute to the Garden City image. Click to view information on the following topics:

 Trillium Awards

Do you have a beautiful front yard? Does your neighbour? If so, consider nominating a property for the Trillium Awards.

 Edible Front Yard Gardens

Planting and growing edible plants in your front yard has a number of benefits, including:
  • Convenient access to delicious, nutritious food

  • Increasing biodiversity in your neighbourhood

  • Adding beauty to your outdoor space

  • Fostering discussion and awareness of the importance of local food security

  • Opportunity to learn from and to teach others

Don't know where to start? An Edible Front Yard Garden Toolkit has been developed to give you some ideas.

 Edible Garden at Centennial Library

The City will be planting and maintaining an edible garden in the courtyard in front of the Centennial Library. All produce will be donated to Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold.

Boulevard Gardens

What can be planted on my boulevard?

You are allowed to plant herbaceous materials, meaning the stems and foliage die back to the soil level at the end of the growing season.

Property owners are responsible for maintaining boulevard vegetation in accordance with basic horticultural practices. 

What can't be planted on my boulevard?

Hedges, shrubs and trees cannot be planted on boulevards, except by the City or Region. In addition, plants must not:

  • Exceed a height of 30 cm
  • Impede the sight lines or travel path of road or sidewalk users (pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, etc.)
  • Obscure or restrict access to fire hydrants, post office boxes, or other installations belonging to the City, Region or any utility provider
  • Contain thorns, burrs, or any material that is protruding, sharp, or dangerous in any way, or which may otherwise cause injury
  • Impair drainage
  • Overflow onto the street, sidewalk or neighbouring property
  • Inhibit snow removal operations
  • Impose a trip hazard (i.e. soil must be flush with the curb and sidewalk)
  • Include permanent installations such as in-ground irrigation systems, fencing, or hard mulches, such as pea gravel or small rocks

Plants on the boulevard might be removed at any time

Boulevards are provided for public safety and to accommodate and provide access to utilities. As such, the City, Region, utility providers, and contractors may need to do work in boulevards that require the removal of, or cause damage to, vegetation. It is not always possible to contact adjacent homeowners before starting the work and the City, Region, utility providers, and their contractors are only required to restore the boulevard to grass.

Property owners are not permitted to plant trees. If you would like a tree in your boulevard, read about the City's tree planting program

Policy for Community Gardens on City Land

The City of St. Catharines supports and encourages the development of community gardens on City-owned parkland and other municipal property, where appropriate, by community groups and organizations. The Community Gardens Policy outlines the protocol for community organizations to lease City land to operate a community garden. For the purpose of this policy community gardens are generally defined as an area of land managed and maintained by a group of individuals for the purpose of cultivation of plants for personal consumption or donation.

Role of the Community Organization

The community organization is responsible for entering into an agreement with the City and organizing, planning, constructing, administering, financing and managing the garden. Community organizations must be legal entities, such as not-for-profit corporations, that are capable of entering into a lease agreement with the City and obtaining the required insurances (e.g. general liability insurance for property damage and public liability).

If you are involved with an organizated that is interested in starting a community garden please contact the Project and Development Planner at 905-688-5601 ext. 3145.

Interested in starting a community garden in 2018?

Individuals and organizations interested in developing a community garden on City property in 2017 must contact the City by August 31, 2017. The City will then set up a meeting to discuss the following items:

  • Roles and responsibilities of the community garden organizer and the City;
  • Process and timelines for establishing a community garden;
  • Budget considerations for construction and operation; and
  • Community garden site selection

To set up a meeting please contact Project and Development Planner at 905-688-5601 ext. 3145.

The City will be planting and maintaining an edible garden in the courtyard in front of the Centennial Library. All produce will be donated to Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold.

 Community Gardens in St. Catharines

If your community garden is open to the public and you would like it to be listed on this page, please contact Project and Development Planner at 905-688-5601 ext. 3145 with the garden's name, location and contact information.

Centennial Teaching Gardens

Location: Centennial Gardens (321 Oakdale Ave.)

Contact: 289-786-0970

Dig-Brock Community Garden

Location: Brock University (500 Glenridge Ave.) Garden located at the corner of Isaac Brock Blvd. and Flora Egerter Way

Contact: or 289-786-0970

Note: Brock students, staff and faculty have priority but registration is open to the public.

Grace Anglican Church

Location: 238 Geneva St. (next to Grace Anglican Church)

Contact: or 289-786-0970

Niagara Community Harvest

Location:3rd Street Louth or 289-407-3554 (Joe)

Stokes Village Garden

Location: 36 Page St.

Contact: or 289-786-0970

Torosian Park Community Care Garden

Location: Torosian Park (37 Ventura Dr.) Contact: or 905-227-9240

Note: For clients of Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold or Niagara Regional Housing WAITLIST

Water Conservation


Read the Guide to Wise Water Use to learn about how to conserve water while maintaining a beautiful lawn and garden or consider purchasing a rain barrel

 Call Before You Dig

There may be a number of utilities or services underground that cannot be seen from the surface. Before you dig contact Ontario One Call for information on free underground utility locates. Don't forget to call any utilities or agencies that are not members of Ontario One Call.

Some utility providers require setbacks for vegetation. You are responsible for contacting any applicable utility providers about these setbacks.  

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