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Transportation & Environmental Services

City of St. Catharines
PO Box 3012, 50 Church Street
St Catharines, ON L2R 7C2

Tel: 905.688.5601 x1300

Fax: 905.641.4450

TTY: 905.688.4TTY


Click here for a map to St. Catharines City Hall

Click here to email Transportation and Environmental Services

Curbs and sidewalks


The City is responsible for roadside curbs. If you find a curb that is damaged please call us at 905.935.3813. City staff will examine the curb and assess the damage. A temporary patch will be carried out as quickly as possible and the curb section will be noted for permanent repair at a later date as part of our Annual Curb Repair Program.

If you require a curb cut or curb fill visit the Transportation and Environmental Services Department on the first floor of City Hall at 50 Church St. or call 905.688.5601,  ext.1300 for details. There is a per lineal meter cost for this service.


The City of St. Catharines has a Sidewalk Inspection and Spot Repair Program for the maintenance of the approximately 500 kilometers of City-owned sidewalk.

If a sidewalk is found to be broken or raised a temporary patch or grinding of the sidewalk will be carried out as quickly as possible. If required the sidewalk slab(s) will be noted for replacement at a later date as part of our Annual Sidewalk Repair Program.

If you find a damaged sidewalk please call us at 905.935.3813 so City staff can examine and assess the damage.
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