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24 Hour Emergency Service for Roads, Water and Sewers

City staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to emergencies relating to:

  • Road conditions that may pose a hazard to drivers such as icy roads during winter storms;
  • Water emergencies such as watermain breaks; and
  • Sewer emergencies such as sewer back-ups.

Reporting emergency service:

Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., call 905.688.5600
Outside of these hours call 905.935.3813

Frozen Water Lines

Water lines and water meters can freeze in cold weather. Homeowners can do the following to protect against frozen water meters, pipes and lines:

  • Make sure there is heat in the area of the water meter.
  • Run your taps frequently to make sure water is still flowing. Tip: to conserve water consumption, place a bucket in your sink to collect water from the tap. That way you can re-use the water rather than having it go down the drain.

If there's no water coming out of your taps

Try to thaw the water line by applying heat with a hair dryer, heating pad or electric blanket where water comes into your home.

  • It may take several hours to thaw the line.
  • Never leave a heating device unattended in the home.
  • Do not use a blow torch to heat the line.

If your water lines are still frozen after you've attempted to thaw them please call Citizens First at 905.688.5600.

Due to the volume of frozen water pipes in the city and the complexity of the thawing process it may be several days before a City crew is able to get to your home.

Homes without water service will be provided with bottled water while they wait for service to be restored.

Sewer Back-ups

Residential and commercial property owners who experience sewer back-ups can either call a private contractor or the City to undertake the necessary repair work.
City staff can clean and perform a video inspection of sewer services, however, there is a cost for this service if the problem is found to be on the private owner portion of the service.
If a private contractor is hired to clear a blockage on a sewer service, the homeowner will be responsible for all charges regardless of whether the blockage is on the private or public side of the service.
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