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Student Housing Liaison Ad Hoc Committee

Attention: Sandra Burrows
Manager Building & Development
City of St. Catharines
50 Church St.
St. Catharines, ON L2R 7C2

Tel: 905.688.5601 ext. 1602


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Student Housing Liaison Committee

Committee Type

Advisory committee or task force


  • Partnering efforts and sharing information to address common issues and concerns experienced in St. Catharines due to continued growth of post-secondary institutions and the subsequent effects on near-campus neighbourhoods.
  • To co-ordinate initiatives between the City of St. Catharines and the surrounding municipalities with a student population.


The Student Housing Liaison Committee is dedicated to improving the quality of life in St. Catharines. This is achieved by promoting and supporting activities ensuring cohesive communities that are safe, healthy and enjoyable.


  • To collect and disseminate information, such as education, research and effective practices.
  • To identify issues and develop solutions to problems of common interest.
  • To work with all levels of government to effect change.
  • To provide a template for organizational structure in St. Catharines that facilitates communication and action on local issues.


  • Mayor of St. Catharines
  • St. Catharines Council (3) Coun. Matthew Harris, Coun. Joe Kushner and Coun. Jennifer Stevens
  • Planning & Development Services Staff (2)
  • Legal Services (1)
  • Fire and Emergency Management Services (1)
  • Niagara Regional Police (2)
  • Niagara Region, Waste Management (1)
  • Niagara College Staff (1)
  • Niagara College Student Council (1)
  • Brock University Staff (1)
  • Brock University Student Council (1)

Voting Membership

Membership Responsibility

Members shall observe all corporate policies of the City of St. Catharines with respect to conduct, harassment and discrimination.

Click here to view the policies and procedures of the Student Housing Liaison Committee

Membership Term

The term of appointment for committee membership shall be a four-year term concurrent with the term of Council; however, due to occasional vacancies occurring within the term of appointment, membership applications are accepted on an on-going basis and referred to for interim appointment should a vacancy occur prior to the term expiring.

Membership List

To be determined according to the application process and subsequent appointments in October 2012.

Meeting Schedule & Location(s)

Twice every school term at a location to be determined.
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