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Rivercrest Drive Municipal Services Improvements
Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Study

Latest Update: January, 2017 


The City of St. Catharines is studying different ways to deal with the deteriorating municipal services on Rivercrest Drive (see map below).  This study will also consider measures to reduce the amount of combined sewage overflow discharging into the natural environment during heavy rainstorms. We will do this by looking at a larger area in and around Rivercrest Drive. The expanded area includes Vergorda Circle and Clearmount Circle and part of Riverview Boulevard.


As with many established neighbourhoods in St. Catharines, the infrastructure (roads, sewers and watermains) on Rivercrest Drive is aging and in need of rehabilitation. In particular, the City is trying to address declining road conditions, pedestrian safety, road drainage problems, a failing sanitary sewer and a watermain near the end of its useful life.

Older neighbourhoods like this one often have a combined sewer. These sewers act as both a storm sewer and a sanitary sewer. They carry rain water runoff and domestic flow to a treatment plant. These sewers are built with fail safes called combined sewage overflow regulators which allow dilute sewage to escape the sewer system if levels rise too high during a heavy rainstorm.

The Process

 This study is following the requirements as set out in the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process.  As such the study will:

  • identify and define the problem,
  • consider and evaluate alternatives, and
  • identify ways to reduce any potentially unfavorable outcomes.

This will all be done while providing regulatory agencies, stakeholders and members of the public with the opportunity to provide their input.  We will weigh many factors to help identify the best solution. Your input is both important and critical to the project's success.   

Please get involved.

Study Area

A Map of the Rivercrest Drive Study Area

Public Information Centre

As part of The Environmental Assessment the City will host a Public Information Centre (PIC) in the future. 

The purpose of the event is to engage the public by providing an opportunity for all stakeholders to contribute. It is a forum where anyone can have their say and discuss the options available for improving the municipal services in the Rivercrest Drive area. 

Once the details of the event are determined they will be published here. Please come back for further updates.

Event Details:



Important Dates

The Notice of Commencement was issued on: September 28, 2015.

Consultation Materials

 View the Notice of Commencement (pdf)  


Mr. Steve Brant, P.Eng. Mr. Ray Vachon, C.E.T.
Consultant Project Manager Project Supervisor
Urban & Environmental Management Inc. (UEM) City of St. Catharines
4701 St. Clair Avenue, Suite 301 50 Church Street, P.O. Box 3012
Niagara Falls, Ontario  L2E 3S9 St. Catharines, ON, L2R 7C2
Telephone: (905) 371-9764 extension 242 Telephone: 905-688-5601 extension 1606
Fax: (905) 371-9763 Fax: 905-641-4450
Email: Email:


All submissions will be documented, reviewed and included in the public record. Information is collected in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information Act and the Environmental Assessment Act. With the exception of personal information, all comments will be part of the public record.

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