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Public Art Advisory Committee

Attention: Jennifer Tupling

Recreation & Community Services
320 Geneva St.
Catharines, ON L2N 2G6

Tel: 905.688.5601 x5244

Fax: 905.984.6910

TTY: 905.688.4TTY (4889)


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Public Art Advisory Committee

Committee Type

Advisory Committee or Task Force.


The Public Art Advisory Committee is a committee of City Council that was established in September 2003.

The following purpose is from the Public Art Advisory Committee's Terms of Reference:

The St. Catharines Public Art Advisory Committee is a volunteer committee established to advise and assist City Council and staff on the development and management of the Civic Art Collection and all public art programs developed using City resources, property or land. The Committee will act as advocates for public art on behalf of the City within the community, and provide informed perspectives on public art-related matters within the municipality.


The following vision statement is from the Public Art Policy as approved by Council in 2003:

Visually beautiful cities stimulate a sense of pride and commitment. Through its Public Art Policy the City of St. Catharines strives to create vibrant public spaces that reflect the diversity of our community, and engage its residents and visitors with quality works of public art.

The City of St. Catharines seeks to encourage all those who care about the community to participate in making art, collecting it and commissioning it.


The City's public art projects and acquisitions will be assessed and developed according to the following goals:

  1. Provide access to art in public places for all of St. Catharines' citizens. 
  2. Enhance St. Catharines' desirability as a community by creating appealing environments in which to live, work and play.
  3. Honour, preserve and encourage our cultural heritage and artistic diversity.
  4. Promote civic identity through awareness and preservation of the community's history, cultures and living arts.
  5. Support effective urban planning, economic development and cultural tourism opportunities.


The Public Art Advisory Committee shall be comprised of up to 9 members from the community, City Council and staff, and organizational representatives, as follows:

  • one City Councillor;
  • one working visual artist or craftsperson;
  • five members of the visual arts and design community ie curator, architect, arts educator, landscape architect, arts administrator etc.;
  • one representative from Planning and Development Services (ex-officio);
  • one Cultural Planning Supervisor, Parks, Recreation and Culture Services (ex-officio).

The committee should include individuals with a variety of relevant skill sets, knowledge and experience and consideration should be given to representation from Rodman Hall Art Centre, the Niagara Artists Centre and other relevant local visual arts organizations. Priority should be given to those with a professional visual arts or design background. Where possible, the Committee should reflect the diversity of our community, in such considerations as age, gender, ethnoculture, socio-economics, etc.

The Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC) may strike other subcommittees as required. A member of the Committee shall act as chair for each subcommittee which can be comprised of Committee members and non-members where appropriate. All Public Art Selection Panels developed for City-led projects must be chaired by a member of PAAC. Panel composition will be developed by PAAC in consultation with staff.

Voting Membership

All members are eligible to vote unless otherwise noted, with the exception of all City employees who are ex-officio.

Membership Responsibility

The Public Art Advisory Committee is currently developing a Public Art Procurement Process. Members are part of the Welland Canal Fallen Workers Memorial Task Force and the Arts Award Design Selection Panel.

Membership Term

The Public Art Advisory Committee's term is as per City Council's four-year term. The current term began with the 2010 election and will end in conjunction with the 2014 election.

Membership List

  • Coun. Mark Elliott 

  • Lesley Bell (Chair) 

  • Marcie Bronson 

  • Sandra Merk 

  • Peter Vietgen (Culture Committee) 

  • Michael Zuberec 

  • Rebecca Cann, Cultural Planning Supervisor

  • Scott Ritchie, Urban Design Planner

  • Jennifer Tupling, Culture Coordinator

Meeting Schedule & Location(s)

The Public Art Advisory Committee typically meets on the third Thursday of each month at City Hall.

Public Art Advisory Committee members at Centennial Gardens

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