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Port Dalhousie Heritage District Advisory Committee

Committee Type

Advisory committee or task force


The Port Dalhousie Heritage District Advisory Committee was established by Council in 2004 to assist in the implementation of the Port Dalhousie Heritage District.


The Port Dalhousie Heritage District Advisory Committee's main responsibility is to review Heritage Permits within the district and advise City Council and Staff as to their conformity with the Port Dalhousie Heritage District Guidelines for Conservation and Change.

It also acts as a sounding board for property owners in the heritage district and monitors the guidelines for their effectiveness in implementing the heritage district designation. It prepares newsletters or other materials that may assist in furthering the appreciation and protection of the district's heritage.


The broad goal of the committee is to implement the Port Dalhousie Heritage District designation through the guidelines and other applicable policies.


Membership is open to anyone who resides in and is an eligible voter in the City of St Catharines. The Heritage District Guidelines provides that volunteer members will be drawn from the district and that the composition should be that a variety of interests are represented.

Voting Membership

Voting membership consists of 10 volunteer members from the community, two councillors, and a volunteer member representing the St Catharines Heritage Committee.

Membership Responsibility

Members shall observe all corporate policies of the City of St. Catharines with respect to the Code of Conduct and Harassment policies and make every effort to attend all meetings.

Membership Term

Members are appointed for the term of Council (four years).

Membership List

David Webb, Chair
Anita Hoffman-Caslin, Vice-Chair
John Bacher -  St. Catharines Heritage Committee Representative
David Bergen
Peter Connolly
Carlos Garcia
David Roberts
Norman Rockwell
Jim Rowbottom
Bob Sennett
Holly Washuta
Coun. Len Stack
Coun. Bruce Williamson
Planning and Building Services Representative (1)

Meeting Schedule & Location(s)

The Committee meets every fourth Thursday of the month at City Hall.
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