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Performing Arts Centre User Group Committee

Attention: Steve Solski

Recreation & Community Services
320 Geneva St.
Catharines, ON L2N 2G6

Tel: 905.682.7491


Email the Performing Arts Centre User Group Committee

Performing Arts Centre User Group Committee

Committee Type

Advisory committee or user group


The following purpose is from the User Group Committee’s Terms of Reference:

The User Group Committee (UGC) for the future Downtown Arts Centre will provide detailed user input and information necessary to refine, validate, and/or confirm the statement of requirements and functional program. The UGC will provide further details and comments throughout the design and specifications phase of the project and, as required, during the construction phase. The UGC will report to the Project Oversight Committee through their City Council co-chair and the director of recreation and community services; and to the design and construction team committee through both co-chairs and all City representatives. The UGC will have direct interaction with the architectural consultant team and other consultants as appropriate.

The UGC will also function as a primary resource for user-related consultations undertaken by the Centre Operation Committee. The UGC's expertise and perspectives can serve in developments related to the future management and operations of the facility, including qualifications and advertising for the executive director, fundraising campaigns, operating plans and policies.


The projected operation of the committee will be until such time as Council determines is appropriate for the project's needs.


Roles and Responsibilities

Meet regularly with City staff and consultants to inform the functional program, schematic design and detailed design drawings for the future arts centre. Provide comments regarding suitability and implications for the user group community for consideration in the development of the functional program, schematic design and detailed design drawings. The process will include assessment of:

  • Existing and future programs/services to be accommodated in the assigned space;
  • Operational and physical requirements;
  • Planning and design options to address facility constraint and/or construction budget issues;
  • Preliminary and revised lists of preferred equipment requirements (e.g. furnishings, fixed and movable equipment); and
  • Versions of the functional program, schematic design and detailed design drawings. 

Consult and obtain input with other direct and indirect stakeholders (e.g. other arts community organizations and members, faculty, students, etc.) of the future arts centre, the City of St. Catharines, Brock University, and the Regional Municipality of Niagara. Include consideration of the following in communication/consultation strategies:

  • Regularly provide feedback to these same stakeholders as to project progress;
  • Participate in public open houses and meetings as required; promote these meetings to relevant stakeholders; and
  • Assist in the identification and invitation of key stakeholders to be involved in the design kick-off meeting and technical design charettes.

Refer matters that require a decision or resolution, beyond the ability or authority of the User Group Committee, to the City's project oversight team.


Committee Structure: The committee will be co-chaired by a City councillor appointed by St. Catharines City Council and by a community member elected by his or her peers. These two individuals will share the responsibilities of chair.

Composition: The committee has representation of approximately 10 user groups. However, in order to ensure ongoing representation, each identified user group can designate a maximum of two representatives. These alternates will share one vote. Both representatives are encouraged to attend all meetings, as available, to maximize participation. Selection criteria developed by the Niagara Centre for the Arts Task Force will be used for selection of any members subsequent to the committee's establishment.

City and Consultant Representation: The committee will have three representatives from the Recreation and Community Services department participating in meetings. In addition, City consultant Martin Vinik will be present in meetings as required, and meetings with the architectural consultant team will be coordinated as per the relevant phases of design and construction. Other consultants may be involved from time to time that may require input from the User Group Committee. The City's cultural planning supervisor will act as primary staff resource for the UGC. When the arts centre executive director is hired, he or she will also participate in meetings.

Voting Membership

All non-City of St. Catharines employees are eligible to vote on the Performing Arts Centre User Group Committee.

Membership Responsibility

The Performing Arts Centre User Group Committee is currently providing user input regarding the development of the Downtown Performing Arts Centre.

Membership Term

The Performing Arts Centre User Group Committee's term is related to the timeline of the arts centre project. The committee will terminate once the work with the project is complete.

Membership List

  • Coun. Mark Elliott (Co-Chair)
  • Niagara Symphony Association
    Primary - Candice Turner-Smith
  • Carousel Players
    Primary - Jane Gardner
    Alternate - Pablo Felices Luna
  • Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts
    Primary - Derek Knight
    Alternate - Brian Power & David Vivian
  • Centre for the Arts
    Primary - Alan Titley & Debbie Slade
    Alternate - Sara Palmieri
  • Niagara Dance Company
    Primary - Mary Jo Mullins
    Alternate - Kim Fiocca
  • Niagara Artists Centre
    Primary - Janis Barlow (Co-Chair)
    Alternate - Stephen Remus
  • Chorus Niagara
    Primary - Robert Cooper
    Alternate - Diana McAdorey
  • Suitcase in Point
    Primary - Annie Wilson
    Alternate - Deanna Jones
  • Rick Lane, Director, Recreation and Community Services
  • Steve Solski, Executive Director, Performing Arts Centre

Meeting Schedule & Location(s)

The Performing Arts Centre User Group Committee meets as needed on the basis of the project.

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