Official Emblems & Symbols

Coat of ArmsPicture of the Coat of Arms

The heraldic Coat of Arms is officially registered and recognized as a symbol of St. Catharines. The City logo has since replaced its use; however, it is the symbol on the city flag.

The beehive on the coat of arms alludes to industry and productivity, such an important component in the City's history that it appears on the official coat of arms. The concept of Liberality, which refers to being free and generous without prejudice, equally describes the founding principles of the City. The Cornucopia, or the Horn of Plenty, reflects the rich agriculture and abundant fruit lands in and around the City. The Millstone is symbolic of the grist and flour mills that were prevalent in the early years of the City, and which can still be found along Twelve Mile Creek.


FlagCity Flag

The Flag of St. Catharines features the City's coat of arms on a white field, surrounded by green bars. The green colour symbolizes the fruit lands and extensive gardens of the City.


LogoCity Logo

The City of St. Catharines logo performs much the same function as the coat of arms. It identifies and recognizes the City serving as its official identification.

The logo was adopted in 1972, and is known as The Chevron. The four blue lines are symbolic of the four Welland Canals and the green is characteristic of our fruit lands.



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