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Master Fire Planning Committee

Statement of Purpose

In order for St. Catharines to establish and deliver services in accordance with its needs and circumstances, as required by the Fire Protection and Prevention Act (1997), it is imperative that Council be provided with the factual information to enable an informed decision-making process.

The Master Fire Plan will provide clear and detailed direction for the Municipality's fire services by;


  • Determining the municipality's fire protection needs and circumstances
  • Identifying and analyzing service delivery gaps that may be identified
    when comparing the community's fire risk with the fire services capabilities and current service levels
  • Identifying options or opportunities for developing and delivering the
    services through efficient and effective use of all resources and a long
    term budgetary plan that is acceptable to the community
  • Providing an implementation strategy and/or schedule to serve as a
    management monitoring tool to ensure goals are achieved within the prescribed time frames.

The Committee will be responsible for assisting in the preparation of a draft Fire Master Plan and make recommendations to Council regarding the adoption of a draft Plan.


Voting members:


  •  4 members of Council
  • Commissioners of Corporate Services and Operations
  • Director of Financial Management Services
  • Director of Fire and Emergency Management Services
  • 2 Deputy Fire Chiefs
  • 2 representatives from Local 485 Professional Fire Fighters Association

Non-voting member:


  • 1 representative from the Ontario Fire and Emergency Management Office


Reporting Structure 

The Master Fire Planning Committee Chair will report directly to Council.

Administrative support to the Committee shall be provided by the St. Catharines Fire and Emergency Management department, which will assign a Secretary to the Committee.

Membership Term

That the Master Fire Planning Committee disband either at earlier of the adoption of the Fire Master Plan or at the end of this Council term.


Membership List

  • Councillor Stevens
  • Councillor Phillips
  • Councillor Bellows
  • Shelley Chemnitz, Commissioner of Corporate Services
  • Bryan Shynal, Commissioner of Operations
  • Kristine Douglas, Director of Financial Management Services
  • Ryan Madill, President St. Catharines Professional Firefighter's Association
  • Mike Vail, Vice President St. Catharines Professional Firefighter's Association
  • Fire Chief Dave Wood
  • Deputy Fire Chief Larry Jones
  • Deputy Fire Chief Monique Belair        


Member Schedule and Location(s)


The Master Fire Plan Committee will meet at Fire Station #4 in the meeting room. Meeting Schedule to be determined by the Committee.




The Committee shall conduct its meetings in accordance with and otherwise comply with the City of St. Catharines Simplified Meeting Procedures for advisory bodies.


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