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Development Process Review Committee

Attention: Julie Hughes
City of St. Catharines
PO Box 3012, 50 Church St.
St. Catharines, ON L2R 7C2

Tel: 905.688.5601 x1542

Fax: 905.688.5955

TTY: 905.688.4TTY (4889)


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Development Process Review Committee

Committee Type

Advisory committee or task force


Initially organized as a Task Force in December 2007, the Mayor invited members of the building and development community to meet regularly with staff from the planning and engineering departments of the City of St. Catharines to discuss the concerns and challenges identified by private development with respect to the city's approval processes. This Task Force came up with several recommendations which were submitted to Council as a staff report, "Open for Business: Toward an Investment Oriented City Hall" in July 2008. Communication, best practises, staffing and software improvements were addressed as a means to expedite the approval processes for the private sector.

The Task Force became a Committee of Council in November 2009 as it evolved into a means for the private development community to review and comment on other planning documents and policies being drafted by the City. The Committee has also requested presentations from agencies outside the city and worked with these agencies to clarify and streamline their processes as they apply to their projects.


To improve the communication and understanding between the development community and City staff with respect to planning approval processes and building approval processes. To improve the information flow to and from Staff with respect to the requirements of the City and outside agencies thereby facilitating a more efficient and effective approval process for developers.


To make the City of St. Catharines a desirable place for the private sector to invest in building and developing the city.


  • Mayor McMullan chairs the Committee and two Councillors are appointed each year.
  • Several staff members act in an advisory capacity.
  • Members from the community are private developers and builders which have been appointed by Council .

Voting Membership

The staff members from the City of St. Catharines do not have voting privileges. The remainder of the Committee does have voting privileges.

Membership Responsibility

Members are encouraged to attend meetings on a regular basis.

Membership Term

The two councillor representatives are appointed for a term of one year. The membership from the private sector are appointed for the duration of the committee.

Membership List

Members of City Council:                                                                                      

  • Mayor Brian McMullan
  • Councillor Bill Phillips

City of St. Catharines Staff:

  • Jim Riddell, Director of Planning and Development Services
  • Dan Dillon, Director of Transportation and Environmental Services
  • Judy Pihach, Manager of Planning Services
  • Sandy Burrows, Manager of Building and Development
  • Brian Thiessen, Chief Building Inspector
  • Julie Hughes, Mayor's Office

Community Representation:

  • David Cooperman, Cooperman Real Estate
  • Daniel Roberge, Horizon Utilities
  • Emilio Raimondo, Raimondo Architects
  • Glenn Barr, Barr Associates
  • Ian Kowalchuk, Merit Contractors
  • John Ravenda, Ravenda Homes 
  • Kathy Lerette, Horizon Utilities
  • Ken Gonyou, Taro Planning
  • Rob Baiocco, Baiocco Development
  • Terri Johns, Starward Homes
  • Tim Kenny, Tim Kenny Construction
  • Tony DiFruscio, Associated Brownfields
  • Walter Sendzik, Chamber of Commerce

Meeting Schedule & Location(s)

The Committee generally meets every two months or as required.
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